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Fledermaus 7

How-to Fledermaus - Caris Licence check

Caris 11 License

FMGT supports both HIPS 9 and 11 licensing, while Fledermaus 7 only supports HIPS 9 licensing.

If you are using Fledermaus 7, use the following steps to set up Caris licensing.

In the past you only needed to have a caris dongle in your computer for Fledermaus to work with the HDCS data. Now there is an option to point to the Caris licence. 

  1. Under the File Menu Select the Preference Option

  2. Navigate to the Shared Preferences Tab and click Browse next to the Caris licence path

  3. Navigate to C:\\Program Files\Caris\HIPS\9.1\System Folder and select the LOC_KEY file. 

  4. Click Open and then Apply. 

If you are using FMGT, use the following steps to verify Caris licensing.

  1. Under the Project drop down menu select the Preferences option. 

  2. Go to the Shared Preferences tab and use the HIPS Version dropdown menu to specify the HIPS version you are using.

    If you are using a HIPS 9 dongle, ensure that it is connected and that all dongle drivers are up to date. If you are using a HIPS 9 license file, use the HIPS License Path field to specify the path to the file. By default, this file will be found in the C:\\Program Files\Caris\HIPS\9.1\System folder.

    If you are using a HIPS 11 network license, you must specify the hostname of the license server in the HIPS License Host field. If you are using a HIPS 11 local license, you must enter "no-net" in the HIPS License Host field. 

    Use the Test HIPS Licensing button to verify your HIPS licensing settings.