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This page contains frequently asked questions for Fledermaus. 

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General FAQ

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What is the difference between the Fledermaus 7 bundles?

You can find the differences between all of the Fledermaus 7 bundles here.

Who do I contact for purchase information?

If you would like to get pricing information, contact our Sales department.

What are the main differences between Fledermaus 6 and 7?

  • simplified import of data directly into Fledermaus
  • updated rendering of objects for smoother interaction and exploration in Fledermaus
  • fully updated geo-referencing supporting standard datum, projections and transformations
  • integrated temporal reference system for visualization in 4D
  • new project and source data management tool - the NEW DMagic
  • new multibeam backscatter processing module - FM Geocoder
  • new bundles to support clients workflow - Viz4D, Hydro, Habitat, Offshore and Pro
  • updated free viewer - iView4D

Where do I go to report a bug?

If you have discovered a bug with our software, to report the problem create a Support Ticket System here. Please provide us with the details and the steps to reproduce the bug. This will help testing and resolving the bug that much easier.

How can I convert my SD files from version 6 to version 7?

We have included two new conversion cmdop tools that you can use to convert your version 6 SD's to version 7. They are called objectbuilder, and sd6to7.
For more information about how to use these commands please read the How-to Use "sd6to7" cmdop in our Knowledge Base.

Installation FAQ

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Where can I download Fledermaus?

To download Fledermaus please visit our downloads page. Please use the username and password provided to you. Once you have logged in please provide your name and email address so we can email you the link to download the software.

If you do not have a username and password please contact Support at:

What operating system can I use to run Fledermaus on?

To see which operating systems and distributions are supported, please see our platform overview.

What are the hardware recommendations for running Fledermaus?

Please refer to our Fledermaus System Requirements page for the latest details.

How do I set up the BAT?

For instructions on setting up the Isotrack II Bat, please refer to the BAT setup guide. For the Patriot Bat, please refer to the Patriot setup guide.

Licensing FAQ

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For Fledermaus 7.8.0 and after, please go to the License Manager Documentation documentation for technical information. An FAQ is here: 2020-09-10_11-54-38_New QPS Licensing

New Licensing in version 7.8.0 and later:

2020-09-10_11-54-38_New QPS Licensing

What licensing options do you provide for Fledermaus?

Fledermaus needs a license to run on your machine. Currently there are three different types of licenses that are supported: a node-locked license which is tied to a particular computer, a dongle/hardware key which plugs into your USB port, or a network license server. Network servers allow a number of licenses to be put on a central computer. These licenses can then be checked out, used, and then checked back in by computers on the network. For more information about setting up these different license types, please see the Licenses section in our Knowledge Base.

What happened to the license.dat format that you were using with version 6?

With Fledermaus 7 your license files are named similar to: "20090324-1221_0123456789.lic". It will be dated, and as you receive a new license file you can just add it into the "licenses" directory. For more information about Fledermaus 7 licenses please read Knowledge Base article

How do I get a license for Fledermaus?

If you wish to obtain a license of Fledermaus for evaluation of the software, please fill out our Evaluate Fledermaus form. If you have already purchased a license of Fledermaus, please download the software from our Download page.

How do I install a Fledermaus license?

After you have received a license number, carry out the steps as described in the following page:

How-to Fledermaus - License Installation 7.7.x and before


What does the Support and Maintenance Agreement provide to a user?

The Annual Support scheme includes: free telephone support and Support Ticket System support during office hours, free version of updates, bug fixes, and free access to the support website.