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Fledermaus 7

Fledermaus and GIS

Introduction to Fledermaus ArcGIS® Connectivity

Fledermaus allows direct connectivity to an ESRI® ArcGIS workspace through the new SD ArcWorkspace object type. Having this SD object in your scene allows you to browse an ArcGIS workspace for Fledermaus compatible objects and load them directly into your scene. Conversely, you can take "ArcGIS Aware" SD objects from your scene and transfer them directly to any connected ArcGIS workspace. Fledermaus allows your scene to have multiple connections so that you can move data to and from any number or type of ArcGIS workspace objects.

The capability is currently supported only under the Windows 32-bit version of Fledermaus due to ArcGIS being Windows-only software, and a 32-bit limitation in the ArcGIS Engine. The 32-bit version of Fledermaus is supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.

Your system must also have ArcGIS installed and you must be licensed to operate the standard toolset for the ArcGIS capabilities to be exposed within Fledermaus. As of this writing you will also require the ArcGIS option to be active in your Fledermaus license file.

Please check our Esri ArcGIS Support page for details on which versions of ArcGIS Desktop are supported.