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Introduction to FMGeocoder Toolbox (FMGT)

FMGT is a software program designed to visualize and analyze backscatter data from multibeam and to a lesser degree sidescan sonars. In processing the source files into mosaics, it is designed to perform as many corrections as possible to maximize the information content within the backscatter signals.

The software can read multiple files of backscatter data, apply corrections, and then create a 2D representation of the ocean floor called a backscatter mosaic (the process of generating a mosaic is called mosaicking). Once the mosaic has been generated, various statistics can be calculated and exported along with the backscatter in a number of different formats. Angle range analysis (ARA) can also be performed to attempt to classify the bottom types.

All of the processing pipelines of FMGT are multi-core aware to maximize throughput of data and minimize any required reprocessing due to changes in desired output mosaic resolution or addition of lines.