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Fledermaus 7

Scientific Data (SD) Types


One of the primary features of Fledermaus is its ability to load a variety of data types at different resolutions and explore and analyze them together in a 3D scene. Each object type supported by Fledermaus is called a scientific data class or SD class for short. Any file that is prepared for loading into Fledermaus is given the filename extension .SD, as in "".

Each SD class contains a user interface component, which is displayed in the Data Object Control Region of Fledermaus or DMagic. Interaction with the objects is normally performed through this graphical interface; however, controls for general exploration in the Main Visualization Window remain basically the same for any object.

This section describes each SD class supported by Fledermaus and provides details on:

  • what data it represents,
  • how its data is displayed in the 3D virtual world,
  • the graphical user interface used to interact with the object, and
  • some notes on how data in the class is prepared for the visualization process.

A summary of the SD classes described in this section are as follows: