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Fledermaus 7


The vessel management tool is designed to support remote operated vehicle operations, vessel tracking and other similar real-time tracking tasks. It serves to gather the realtime data from appropriate sources and present it to Fledermaus so that vessels, ROVs, and other moving objects can be tracked, measured, and analyzed. At its core, Vessel Manager understands standard NMEA strings, a special customized NMEA like data string, and the PLO (a US Navy) format. Data in any of these formats can be read in via a file, a serial port connection, or via network UDP packets. Previous versions of Vessel Manager could only support one vehicle when using standard NMEA data however as of version 6.5.1 multiple vehicles are supported based on the first two characters of the NMEA message strings. The VesselManager Application Window below is the display when the application is started. The main display area is used to verify that the input navigation is being successfully read and processed. The area to the left shows the list of active vehicles configured to receive data.

VesselManager Application Window

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