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Technical Note Fledermaus: User coordinates resource file

Please upgrade to Qimera 2.0.1, Fledermaus 7.8.9, FMGT 7.9.0, FMMidwater 7.9.0. to overcome the geodetic resource conflict explained below. 


Version 7.8.8 of the Fledermaus Suite geodetic coordinate reference systems installation files are vulnerable to changes if Qimera 2.0 is installed. 

Who does this impact:

You are impacted of this change if you are Fledermaus 7.8.8, FMGT 7.8.10 and 7.8.7 and prior and Qimera 2.0 user, and use a common coordinate systems or a user defined coordinate reference system.

What are the changes and how to overcome it:

Qimera 2.0 will unintendedly make changes to the resource file "fm_user_coords.dat" file (in C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\QPS), making it unusable to Fledermaus 7.8.8, FMGT 7.8.10, FMMidwater 7.8.7.

To get the file working again for the application:
1) Lauch Fledermaus and before loading data or attempting any task, for the Georeference tab and , use the "..." button and select the CRS that has the "FP_" from the list there (or user-defined one), then it should work ok. This is making the application rewrite the file again.
2) You could potentially just re-name/delete the "fm_user_coords.dat" (rename/backup the file). You will lose your User-Defined CRS's (the file will get re-created by FM during startup if it's not there). If you open the file, you can see the User-Defined CRS at the bottom. We recommend that you save these and convert them to .wkt for future use. 

Please note that Qimera 2.0 will stomp on the file again if you bring in a DB or something that has a Custom/User CRS.