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ArcGIS for Bathymetry - Feb 6th, 2013

Full Webinar Title: ArcGIS for Bathymetry: Implementation of the FMBIS Bathymetric Data Management Solution in a Hydrographic Survey Company
Presentation Date(s): February 6, 2013 US Eastern Time
Presenter(s): Duncan Mallace, Managing Director, MMT-NetSurvey

This page contains a WMV recording of the webinar session, a PDF of the presentation (Keynote, PowerPoint, etc.) used during the webinar, and a list of Q&A from both webinar sessions if available.

This webinar covered:

- What does "FMBIS" mean and why do we call it that
- What is provided as part of the FMBIS
- A demonstration of what the tools look like and how they are used by MMT-NetSurvey

Webinar prerequisites:

- Basic understanding of bathymetric data and common bathymetric data formats
- Familiarity with the Fledermaus suite
- Familiarity with ArcGIS

Webinar Recording

A WMV recording of the webinar and a PDF of the presentation are also available for download.  Please email if you would like to obtain the download location for this webinar.