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Support Ticket System

Use our Support Ticket System to report your questions, bugs and feedback with QPS software products. To access the Support Ticket System requires registration and in return you will receive a Username and Password. Once logged in, you will be able to add new support tickets and to monitor your existing support tickets and those created by other staff in your organisation. Our Support Ticket System will automatically send an update by e-mail in case of a change to a support ticket. See QPS Support Ticket System page for more information.



You can contact our Support engineers during office hours, Monday-Friday, on the following numbers:


Telephone Number

Central European Time

Eastern Daylight Time

(North America)

Zeist, The Netherlands

+31 (0)30 6941 220

0830 - 17000200 - 1100
Banbury, United Kingdom+44 (0)1295 2769500900 - 18000300 - 1200
Fredericton NB, Canada+1 (833) 243-87771300 - 22000700 - 1600
Portsmouth NH, United States+1 (833) 243-87771400 - 23000800 - 1700


Please use the QPS Support Ticket System


The Support Department can also assist you via TeamViewer. TeamViewer will be automatically installed during the QINSy installation. Download TeamViewer here if you need support with Qimera, Fledermaus or Qastor

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