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Table of Contents

QINSy Processing Steps

1 : Clean swath data


During the survey or replay the DTM data can be conditioned, this has the effect of pre-processing the data:

  • Ensure exclusion and despiking settings are set up to achieve maximum cleaning.
  • Ensure that reduction is enabled (echosounder settings).
  • Ensure DTM file storage is set to write to \*.qpd (Reduced QINSy Processing Format) and that the required echosounders are selected.

Start the Processing Manager from the QINSy console.
In the File Explorer, select the datafiles and open the Validator from the Processing Ribbon.


More information about the Validator and the Edit functions can be found in the Online help.

2 : Detect pipe

Pipe detection serves two purposes.


To detect the pipe, ensure that scroll window (blue slice) is at one end of the data set, click Play / Playback to scroll through in one go, from start to finish (left to right in this example). Alternatively, use the Next/Previous toolbar buttons to scroll through at your own pace.
When finished, click 'Exit' to close the 'Detect Pipe' dialog and allow the Validator to plot the detected pipe in the View (purple track).

3 : Smooth detected pipe

Disable all sensors but the detected pipe.


To check the effectiveness of the filtering, you can, for each view, enable 'raw data’ from the right-click pop-up menu.
Here for example, 'raw data' has been enabled in the profile view, and one can clearly see the smoothing effect of the mean filter.

4 : Export detected pipe (As found pipeline)

Close the Validator. Select your QPD file(s) and choose export 'user defined ASCII'.


And on the next page of the wizard the items to export.

5 : Shift raw pipetracker data and clean swath data using smoothed detected pipe

Ensure the swath systems are visible.


The Validator will now shift the raw multibeam data the same amount that the detected pipe was smoothed.

6 : Export to *.pro for mapping

Close the Validator. Select your QPD file(s) and choose export 'QINSy Mapping (*.pro)'.