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*     Data from sensor is provided with UTC time stamp and as such can always be properly referenced.
**   Inaccuracy of data from sensor is of a much larger magnitude ever recovered by millisecond timing.
*** No LAN interface can be properly time stamped upon reception. Data needs to be synchronized to Time Synchronization and time stamp provided in the data message.

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Finding and applying latency

Please refer to the following document, where the 'Wobble Tool' is used to determine latency: How-to Qimera - Using the Wobble Analysis Tool.


Problems with time tagging of sensor data have always been the whipping boy in the hydrographic industry. This problem must be seen as a shared problem between sensor manufacturers and data acquisition system manufacturers. The former is responsible for the internal sensor latencies; the latter is responsible for proper handling of data. As long as this is not seen as a shared problem, bringing electronic timing devices in to play that will time tag sensor data upon reception with extreme accuracies may end up in flogging a dead horse.