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Project Upgrader


Upgrades files in an already existing project


Table of Contents

Why this tool

Project Upgrader is added to the QINSy installation to upgrade the QINSy project and the files within the project to be compatible with the latest installed QINSy version.
This tool will make modifications to files which makes a rollback to older QINSy versions difficult or even impossible. 

What happens under the hood

The QINSy Console launches the Project Upgrader every time a project is opened.


  1. QPD files of an older format will be upgraded to the latest version
  2. Old display files are upgraded
  3. Third party CAD files and older versions of QPS Cad files are converted or upgraded
  4. CAD files are optimized (obsolete attributes are stripped)
  5. Geoid files present in the Geoid folder are upgraded
  6. Upgrades Kongsberg MBES nodes in the QINSy databases

QPD version upgrade

The QPD upgrade form opens, when older QPD files are located in the project folder.

CAD file conversion and upgrade

The Geometry Upgrade Wizard opens, when old or third party CAD files are located in either the LineData or DxfToQxf folder, meeting the following criteria:


All files, including any duplicate files, are moved to the backup folder after the conversion. 

QGF File types

In January 2016 QPS introduced their new QPS Graphical Format which received the extension *.QGF.
The new QGF format was introduced to replace previously natively support formats like:


  1. DXF2QGF - Background Files
  2. LineData - Routes / Lines / Waypoints
  3. Mapping - Designs
  4. Geoid - River Line Models

Project Upgrader Example

The wizard will start when a QINSy project contains CAD files created or used in 8.16.1 projects and older versions. The wizard starts as soon as the project is opened in QINSy project manager (Console).