In need of a training? Whether you need basic and/or advanced courses, QPS or its resellers can organize a training course that meets your needs. Check the dates below for availability and locations. 
To schedule customized training (at your location) or more information, contact the following offices :


phone : +31 (0)30 69 41 200
email :

United States

phone : +1 603 431 1773
email :

United Kingdom

phone : +44 1295 817742
email :

Asia Pacific (Fledermaus Only??)

phone : +61 243601496
email :

Training Dates

TrainingPlaceCountryWhenMore Info
Banbury, OxfordshireDecember  9th / 10th
ZeistThe NetherlandsDecember  10th / 11th 2013Information and Registration
Banbury, OxfordshireDecember  11th / 13th
Portsmouth, New HampshireUnited StatesFebruary   4th /  6th 2014Information and Registration
Banbury, OxfordshireFebruary  17th / 18th
Banbury, OxfordshireFebruary  19th / 21st
Portsmouth, New HampshireUnited StatesMarch     24th / 28th 2014Information and Registration
Banbury, OxfordshireApril     28th / 29th
Banbury, OxfordshireApril     30th /  2nd
Portsmouth, New HampshireUnited StatesMay       20th / 22nd 2014Information and Registration
Portsmouth, New HampshireUnited StatesJune       9th / 13th 2014Information and Registration 
Banbury, OxfordshireJune      16th / 17th
Banbury, OxfordshireJune      18th / 20th
Banbury, OxfordshireAugust    18th / 19th
Banbury, OxfordshireAugust    20th / 22nd
Portsmouth, New HampshireUnited StatesSeptember  8th / 12th 2014Information and Registration
Portsmouth, New HampshireUnited StatesSeptember 23rd / 25th 2014Information and Registration
Banbury, OxfordshireOctober   20th / 21st
Banbury, OxfordshireOctober   22nd / 24th
Portsmouth, New HampshireUnited StatesNovember  17th / 21st 2014Information and Registration
Portsmouth, New HampshireUnited StatesDecember   2nd /  4th 2014Information and Registration
Banbury, OxfordshireDecember   8th /  9th
Banbury, OxfordshireDecember  10th / 12th