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Getting Started

Use this document to quickly set up Qastor and to get going.

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Before Qastor can be started, make sure a valid Qastor dongle is inserted into your computer, or, from the July 2017 Qastor version, a soft lock license has been entered.
If this is not the case, an alert message will appear:

If no hard lock dongle is available a next popup window will appear providing an option to enter a soft lock code:

If your Support & Maintenance contract is valid for this version of Qastor, Qastor will start up without hesitation.
If your Support & Maintenance contract is overdue, then you can only use Qastor versions released prior to the expiry date of the Support & Maintenance.
To check your dongle's validity date, use the HASP Loader. This executable can usually be found here: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\CommonFiles\QPS.
Should you have received a new dongle code or softlock code, upgrade the these using the Knowledge Base document 'How-to Upgrade a Dongle/Softlock - Qastor 2.50'.

Quick Start Chapters

1. General InformationThis document is a guideline for quickly setting up, executing and analyzing a voyage with Qastor.
2. System PrincipleQastor can be used as a pilot navigation aid, or it can be installed on a ship's bridge.
3. Setup of the SoftwareFollow the steps to set up the software.
4. Qastor OnlineWhen the system setup is completed the voyage can be started.
Appendix: Using the QonnectorWith this device connected to the transponder it is possible to display AIS information in Qastor.

More extensive explanations of functions and options are available in the Help Topics option in Qastor.