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How-to Create a User Defined Vessel Shape

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Pre-defined shapes

Qastor contains three different pre-defined shapes:

(Floating Production Storage Offloading)
(Single Point Mooring)

These vessel shapes are stored in an XML file, situated in your project folder:
C:\Qastor project\Settings\VesselTypes

Manually adjusted shape

The XML file is in ASCII format and is easy to edit:

Example of an (imaginary) carrier outline and water line dimensions

All outline points need to be referenced to a user-defined "zero point"

Sign conventions:

Stb = + starboard side, negative to port
Fwd = + to bow, negative to stern
Hgt = + up, negative down

In this case there are two different shapes (flight deck and water line shape) which have to be entered as separate ones as shown in the highlighted section:

MS Excel, Textpad or similar text editors can be used to import/edit the outline points into the XML format.

<Vertex Stb="" Fwd="y.yyy" Hgt="z.zzz"/>

Save the file with extension .XML in:
C:\Qastor project\Settings\VesselTypes

Select shape in Qastor

In Qastor select your vessel shape in : Transit Setup > Dimension > Shape

All other settings in this dialog can be adjusted as usual.