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How-to Create Tide Predictions

Using Simplified Harmonic Tide in Qastor

Qastor is equipped to use astronomical tide, using the Simplified Harmonic Method. This method uses the parameters as provided in the Admiralty ATT books.

An XML file called "Tidestations.xml" is installed in the tide folder of the currently loaded Qastor project.
This XML file can be opened with Microsoft Excel to edit and create new tide stations.
Take the following steps in order to open the XML file with Microsoft Excel.

  1. Start Microsoft Excel.
  2. Select "File" and then "Open".
  3. Browse to the "Tide" folder in the Qastor installation folder.
  4. Select "Tidestations.xml" and then "Open".
  5. Select "As an XML file" in the dialog that appears.

It is now possible to create and edit tide stations.

Qastor makes use of the parameters that can be found in the ATT books. These parameters are:

  • A tidestation id, which has to be a number.
  • A name for the tidestation.
  • An informational date field in the format YYYY/MM/DD (year/month/day).
  • Additional comment.
  • A timezone, which has to be a number.
  • A position, consisting of a latitude and a longitude, both in decimal degrees.
  • A set of harmonic parameters.
  • A set of seasonal corrections.

You can save the xml file using “Save as” and selecting XML Data (*.xml) as the “Save as type”.
The file should always be named tidestations.xml, and should always be saved in the 'Tide' folder of the current Qastor project.

The tide stations will now be available in the Tide Reduction page of the File - Transit Setup menu.