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How-to Mooring Distances Calculation

This Knowledge Base article will explain the algorithm behind how mooring distances are calculated and displayed in Qastor.

A fixed search angle of 120 degrees from both bow and stern is used to display mooring distances. The distance from where mooring distances become visible is user definable, default value is 250 meters.
All mooring distances outside these parameters will not be shown. 

Mooring distances are drawn from 1/6 th of the vessel length either from the side positions of a (virtual) surrounding rectangle around the vessel or from the bow and stern, depending on the selected Mooring Settings:

Mooring distances are drawn when:

  • The value of the mooring distances is within the visibility range as set in the Edit Navigation Lines dialog, default value is 250 meters.
  • Within the fixed search angle of the shoulder mooring distance of 140 degrees.
  • A perpendicular angle from the navigation line to the vessel shoulder is possible

Opposite shoulder lines selection criteria:

Negative mooring distances are shown until half the vessel width:

If distance exceeds half the vessel width the opposite side is shown: