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How-to Qastor Installation

As of Qastor version 2.4 installation CDs are no longer produced.
Downloads of new versions are now supplied through an Internet link.

This document will provide an explanation about the Qastor installation.

The following issues will be described:

Which programs are installed and where are they stored

The following programs are installed at the following default (recommended) locations:

QastorC:\Program Files\QPS\Qastor x.x
ENC AdministratorC:\Program Files\Common Files\QPS\ENC Administrator
HaspLoaderC:\Program Files\Common Files\QPS\HaspLoader
QernelC:\Program Files\Common Files\QPS\Qernel Symbolization


AIS Static Meta DataC:\Program Files\Common Files\QPS\Targets
Hymedis AdaptorC:\Hymedis
Hymedis ClientC:\Program Files\QPS\Qastor Hymedis Client

Computer rights

When Qastor is to be installed on a computer the user needs to have administrator rights.
In case you're only using Qastor you only need to have read and write privileges in the Project folders and reading privileges in the Program Folders.

See also: 'Qastor Upgrade and Migration'.