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How-to Qastor Move Web Application

Qastor Move setup information for Qastor version 2.50.2016.03.04.1 onward:

Possible hardware scenarios:

1 Qastor PC outside a Wifi network

A network needs to be set up to connect to any other device using Wifi.

Hosted network: Can be set up using Windows 7 or higher OS.

Before trying to enable this, check if the Qastor machine supports "Hosted Networks" in a CMD window. Enter: netsh wlan show drivers

If 'Hosted network supported: Yes' then you can proceed setting up a hosted network this way, otherwise other network hardware is required which does support this feature.

  • Type: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=test key=12345678 (test = name of your network and key = password)
  • Type: netsh wlan start hostednetwork
  • This will create a Wifi network for other devices to connect to.
  • Make sure a connection is established on your mobile device to the above created network.

Third-party software utilities like Connectify,Virtual Router or OSTotoHotspot etc. will provide the same functionality but with more control over settings.

  • Start up Qastor
  • Select from the View menu QastorMove QR-Code. An option is available to automatically display the QR-code at startup.

You can use any QR scanner app from the device you want to use as a portable device or type in the URL for Qastor Move in a web browser: http://ip address of your Wifi card:7834/static/qastor_move/index.html

Your created Microsoft virtual Hosted Network Virtual Adapter settings can be found in: Network and Sharing Center > Adapter Settings.

2 Qastor PC using an Ad Hoc connection (Ad Navigation ADX series)

Ad Hoc network: Not recommended if other options are available as it's not easy to set up from Windows 8 onward and Android devices do not support Ad Hoc networks natively.
See Qastor Knowledge Base article:
How-to Connec to Ad-hoc WiFi networks in Windows 8.1.

3 Qastor PC part of routed network (Access Point/DHCP server)

The Qastor PC and the mobile device used for Qastor Move will be assigned an IP address automatically by the DHCP server.
Make sure both devices are set to obtain an IP address automatically:


Pilot plugs like ADQ2 from Ad Navigation, Smart Pilot plug AW2016 and others work in this Wifi mode.
Refer to the specific equipment manual for more information about how to make a connection.

4 Qastor PC Windows 10 using Mobile Hotspot function

This functionality of Windows 10 requires an active internet connection via ethernet, Wifi or cellular connection.

Set up a Mobile hotspot in Windows 10:

Connect to this network with your mobile device. Both a Bluetooth and Wifi connection can be used.

If a connection is established scan the Qastor QR code as mentioned in point 1 of this tutorial.

Qastor Move webpage and Qastor side panel comparison

Qastor Move web page Navigation Mode
Qastor laptop side panel Navigation Mode

Qastor Move web page Approach Mode
Qastor laptop side panel Docking Mode

Qastor Move web page Tandem Mode

(Only visible when secondary vessel is defined)

Qastor laptop side panel Tandem Mode

Qastor Move webpage no data (screen freezes)

Qastor laptop side panel no data

Qastor Move webpage connection lost