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How-to Qastor Upgrade and Migration

The most significant difference between Qastor 2.2 and Qastor 2.3 and later versions are the project folders.
Upgrading to Qastor 2.3 or later versions makes it necesarry to migrate old Qastor files to the new project folder structure.
When Qastor 2.3 or a later version is launched for the first time after upgrading from Qastor 2.2 a dialog will appear that asks the user to migrate old data to the new folder structure.

Select "Yes" to start the migration process.
The following dialog will appear:

  1. Select the path where the old files are located, this is by default set to "C:\Program Files\QPS\Qastor 2.2\".
  2. Enter a project name.
  3. Select any folder (except C:\Program Files) to store the new project.

Press "OK" to start the migration process.
The old data will be copied to the new location.
Be aware that this might take a while depending on the number of files.
Qastor will automatically be started when the migration process is completed.

During the migration process none of the existing settings will be lost.
When Qastor starts it will start as it did before in the previous Qastor 2.2 version.

See also: 'Howto Qastor Installation' .