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How-to Tips and Tricks

Additional information about Qastor:

Shift the chart

Use the arrow keys to shift the chart.
The up, down, left and right arrow keys will shift the chart center 10% in the selected direction.

Drag and drop a waypoint

In Planning Mode, a waypoint can be moved to a new location by dragging it there.
Make sure the Route is Released to do this.
Select the waypoint to be moved by clicking on it with the left mouse button.
Hold down the left mouse button while dragging the waypoint to its new location.

Retrieve chart object properties

Detailed chart object properties can be visualized by right-clicking on the particular object of interest and selecting Properties from the pop-up menu.
The report window will appear with all objects in the vicinity of the selected chart location.
The object that is picked exactly is expanded.
As long as the report window is open, other locations can be picked by left-clicking on the chart.
This will update the pick report window with information of the new location.

Off center position

With this option the user can select a position in the screen where the vessel will be shown all the time during navigation.
Select with the right mouse button a position in the screen and select the option "SetOffCenter Position" from the menu that appears.
Qastor is switched to Vessel Centered, but now the tracking center is not in the middle of the screen anymore.

Virtually board AIS vessel

Vessels that are equipped with an AIS transponder can be tracked in Qastor.
It is also possible to virtually board a vessel.
To enable this functionality the positioning source must be AIS in the Communication Setup.
When this is the case the user can select a target with the right mouse button and select the option "Select As Own Vessel".
With the option "Deselect Own Vessel" the user will virtually disembark the vessel.

Monitoring multiple instances of Qastor

When monitoring a fleet of vessels, each with their own instance of Qastor activated, it may be practical to be able to close them easily.
Instead of having to answer 'Do you want to save your configuration before closing Qastor?' multiple times, you may want to close the instances by just clicking on the cross in the top right hand corner.

In File - Advanced Settings (with administrator rights enabled) - Miscellaneous Settings - 'Save configuration settings when closing Qastor' should be set to 'Always discard'.
The option File - Save Application Settings stores this setting.

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