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How-to Upgrade a Dongle/Softlock - Qastor 2.50

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How-to Upgrade a Dongle

If your Qastor program has informed you that your dongle is about to expire, you will need to contact QPS.
Our Sales Department will check whether you have paid your annual 'Support and Maintenance' fee and will send you a renewed dongle code.

The dongle code needs to be entered in the HASP Loader program.

This program can normally be found in the Common Files folder of your C-drive, where it can be accessed by other programs as well.

Usually the HASP Loader is installed here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\QPS\HaspLoader

  • Start the executable HaspLoader.exe.

The following screen will open:

    • Make sure to copy the upgrade code from the mail received from QPS.
    • Now press the 'Upgrade' button.

The Upgrade HASP dialog will appear:

    • Paste the upgrade code in the white area and press 'OK'.

A message will appear when the upgrade was carried out successfully:

    • Press 'Close' in the HASP Loader.

Now you can start up Qastor.

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Qastor dongle

Latest Qastor dongles

Express Card

How to activate a softlock license

Applicable to Qastor versions July 2017 or newer.

  1. Install the correct Qastor version
  2. Make sure no hard lock key is inserted otherwise it will use this key instead of a softlock license, and verify an internet connection is established (check with license server).
  3. After installing Qastor this popup warning will show up. (As it was before…)

  4. Press “OK”. A new popup will open:

  5. A New window will open to enter your soflock code:

  6. You can copy/paste the softlock code in the upper window and press “Add”

  7. If the code is accepted it is visible in the lower window:


          To de-activate the softlock license press “Remove”.

          To renew license details of an existing license code press "Refresh license" to make these changes active immediately (Internet connection required).

      8. The Hasp Loader opens up and provides license details


Close the HASP Loader and start up Qastor


  • If unable to start Qastor after an expiration of the license:

               Open the HASP Loader directly with the softlock option via a CMD prompt window.

               Open CMD prompt in Windows:

               Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\QPS\Hasploader\3.1

               Start hasploader.exe with /s as option.

  • Hasp Loader directly from Windows File Explorer will not work:

             C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\QPS\HaspLoader\3.1 will NOT provide the softlock options now, this is done to be compliant with other QPS software.

  • Please contact QPS for offline activation options