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1. General Information


This document is a guideline for setting up, executing and analyzing a voyage with Qastor.
It is not intended to give full coverage of Qastor, but will provide both the new and the experienced user with a quick overview of the system.

Help buttons

Since this document is written as a quick start, only the most frequently used options are described.
For more help, a number of options are available:

  • Qastor Installation Guide.
  • Online Help. The Online Help can be accessed from any location within the software.

    The Online Help is always installed together with the program and does not require the installation CD-ROM or an internet connection.

There are a number of ways to access the online help:

Press function key F1 on the keyboard.

Select the Help menu item in the menu bar, and click “Help Topics”.

In some dialog windows this question mark can be left-clicked and it can be moved to an area of interest.
Left-clicking again will start the Help function of this area.

If the function of a certain button is unclear, locate the cursor over the button with the mouse.
A tool tip label will appear next to the mouse cursor with a short description.

Graphical user interface

As Qastor is a Microsoft Windows® based software package, it has a standard Windows look and feel.
This means that menu options and buttons operate the same way as other packages running under Windows.
In most windows, using the right mouse button on a part of the screen opens a menu containing options relevant to that part of the window.
The same options can also be found in the main menu bar located at the top of the window.
Most windows can be resized by simply dragging the corners while holding down the left mouse button.
Windows that cannot be resized will either have a “grayed out” maximize button  or none at all.

The following pictures provide an overview of the used terminology with respect to the User Interface in this document:

Title bar

Menu bar

Tool bars

       Electronic Navigation Chart (above)                 

Instrument Panel (above)

Most settings and options can be started in a number of ways, i.e. through the right click menu, the menu bar or from the tool bar.
Throughout this manual only one method will be shown in an example, but other ways of accessing the command may exist.

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