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How-to Upload charts from Windows to iPad using iTunes

Qastor charts are normally updated by the Connect Server.
If Connect is not available one may use the Apple iTunes application to upload charts to the Apple device.

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Scenario: upload Qastor 2.5 charts to iPad

Run iTunes and browse to the Qastor Documents

  1. Connect your Apple device to the Windows laptop on which Qastor 2.5 is installed.

  2. On the laptop, start the iTunes app  (if it was not started yet)

  3. In iTunes, select your device by clicking on the device icon in the tool bar

  4. Select "File Sharing" and "Qastor"

Open the File Explorer and Drag & Drop the charts folder to the iTunes - Qastor Documents

  1. On the laptop, start the File Explorer
  2. Select the Folder with the charts
    Note: Typically, the Chart data folder as defined in the ENC Administrator tool.
  3. Drag the chart folder to the Qastor Documents section in iTunes.

Qastor will take the most recent folder and will ignore other chart folders.
Obsolete folders can be removed with the Files app on the device.