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How-to Upload charts to IOS devices using the Apple Files app

Qastor charts are normally updated by the Connect Server.
If Connect is not available one may use the iTunes app or Apple Files application to upload charts to the Apple device.

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Upload Qastor 2.5 charts and other data to an IOS device with the Apple Files app

The IOS Files app only shows folders of Apps capable of sharing data. 
Qastor will generate folders in the On My iPhone > Qastor directory named My charts, My Docking, My Recordings, My Routes and My Vessels to store and exchange data locally on the iOS device.

Qastor will take the most recent folder and will ignore other chart folders.
Folders can be managed with the Files app on the device.

S-63 Encrypted Charts

S-57 vector charts may be encrypted following the S-63 standard. Decryption is done by means of a "user permit".
The user permit, containing a Manufacturer identifier (client id), is submitted to the chart vendor who will provide the encrypted charts.

The user permit is generated. The registration of the charts is done with the ENC Administrator tool (until this is phased out).

The charts that were uploaded to the Apple device are encrypted and require a user permit which can be entered in the Qastor 3 Settings.
Multiple permits may be entered provided they are separated by a comma or semicolon.

Select: Settings - Chart Preferences - User Permit (scroll down on the Chart Preferences page)

A user-permit contains 28 (hexadecimal) characters.
It can be found in the "User Permit.txt" file as generated by ENC Administrator.