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This page contains frequently asked questions for Qastor.

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What are the recommended computer specs for running Qastor?

QPS recommends to use a computer system with the following computer specs.

  • Operating system
    • Windows 7 or higher
  • Memory
    • 2 Gb
  • Harddrive
    • Minimum 250 Gb
  • Videocard
    • NVIDIA 128 Mb (OpenGL & DirectX)
  • Minimum screen resolution
    • 1024 x 768 pixels

I am not able to register my Qastor SL or Qastor SL PRO, what can cause this problem?

QPS or your local QPS reseller has provided you with a 30 digit registration key that you need to enter when Qastor starts. In order to complete the registration an internet connection is necessary in order to match the registration key with your computer. In case you have an internet connection that has certain restrictions it is not possible to reach the activation server, and the registration can not be completed. Make sure that there are no restrictions on the internet connection that you have, this will probably solve your registration problem.

Qastor has crashed, what to do?

Automatically a minidump and a corresponding crashlog file are created. Send the two files to QPS support for further investigation.
The files can be found at the following location on your computer: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\QPS\CrashDumps\Qastor.exe

I can't see my vessel anymore?

Make sure that Vessel Tracking and Navigation mode are enabled. If that is the case check the communication with the GPS system.

I can't see my AIS targets?

Check if AIS data communication is functioning, and enable the AIS functionality in the user interface.

What is this gray area on my charts?

Gray areas normally indicate that they are unsurveyed. The producer of the chart did not have any depth information available for that area. This is not a problem caused by Qastor.

My charts look weird?

It can happen that charts of different production agencies are overlapping each other. According to the IHO guide lines this should not be allowed. This is not a problem caused by Qastor.

My vessel is drawn on land, how is this possible?

Check if the correct GPS antenna offset is set in System Setup.

White space behind the toolbars which doesn't change in Night Palette?

Should you find that the Night Palette contains very bright window borders and backgrounds to tool icons, try changing your Windows settings:

  • Go to the Control Panel - Appearance and Personalization - Change the theme
    • In Windows7 select the Windows Classic theme
    • In Windows8 and 10 select the High Contrast Black theme

'Dongle not found' after upgrading Qastor on Windows XP or Vista?

When upgrading from an old version of Qastor on Windows XP and Vista, you may run into problems with the dongle. If you start Qastor and get the message “No Dongle Found”, please try the following steps to resolve this problem:

  1. Run Windows update to update your system
  2. Remove the dongle from the computer
  3. Open a command prompt by clicking start and entering cmd.exe in the “run”box:
    1. Go to the Qastor installation folder. This can usually be done by typing:
      cd “\program files\QPS\Qastor 2.5”
    2. Upgrade the HASP driver in these 3 steps:
      Haspdinst.exe -fremove
      Haspdinst.exe -purge
      Haspdinst.exe –install
  4. Insert the dongle again
    See for a detailed explanation: Dongle Issues

'Dongle not found' after upgrading Qastor on Windows 7 or higher?

When upgrading from an old version of Qastor on Windows 7 or higher, you may run into problems with the dongle. If you start Qastor and get the message “No Dongle Found”, please check the following:

  1. Check which software is installed as anti-virus software
  2. If the anti-virus software is named 'Trend Micro Office Scan': this seems to include some sort of firewall functionality which filters the calls into HASP library

  3. Disable this software and choose different anti-virus software.

If this doesn't seem to cause the problem, check how many network cards are installed on your pc.
When more than 8 of these cards are installed, the HASP Loader cannot read the dongle.

Upgrading a license

I have received the license upgrade code from QPS, where can I enter it?