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Release Notes

August 2022

We're pleased to present Qastor version 3.4.0. This release contains a lot of new features which will complement the product even further. Read below for details.

Getting Started

Go to the getting started page here.


Qastor components scaling refinements

To provide a more uniform experience when using Qastor on different devices the scaling of several components has been refined.

The Apple iPAD Pro 12 inch (FIGMA design) has been taken as a basis and the ratios of all scaled elements are identical on all other devices.

Older versions

New version

Directly add data to fill in fields without a popup window

Data like dimensions of your vessel can now be entered directly into the entry fields without an extra popup window which had to be closed manually afterwards.

It is now possible to immediately configure the (text input) settings in the settings menu.

  • Pressing tab will move to the next element, shift-tab to the previous element. If at the beginning or end, it will remain in place
  • Pressing enter also moves to the next element, but if at the end this will close input
  • Pressing escape cancels input on the active element and restores the value to the original value
  • Clicking on the active setting again will close it

  • On an invalid input for a given setting, the value will be displayed in red. This also makes it impossible to tab through elements until a valid value is entered
  • Settings are not immediately applied while editing them (due to issues with how the profiles function). They are retained in memory until the editing component loses focus,

upon which all of them are immediately stored and used by the application. This means that when a user changes a setting and immediately moves towards editing another,

this will not be visible on the chart/vessel/etc until the user stops editing entirely.

Docking and target list number conventions

Docking panel

  1. XTD has one decimal, if larger than 50 meter no decimals.
  2. Speed in cm/s has no decimals.
  3. Docking angle has 1 decimal.
  4. Docking distances have 1 decimal if smaller than 20 meters, no decimal for larger distances.

Target list

  1. Length and Width have 1 decimal
  2. Draught has 1 decimal
  3. SOG has 1 decimal
  4. Range smaller than 10 Nm has 1 decimal

Sounding- and Vertical-datum reference level displayed in ENC pick report

Sounding Datum (SORDAT) and Vertical Datum (VERDAT) are now visible in Qastor 3 Chart pick report.

This is required if multiple tidal levels can be selected from Connect server to determine which one to use and make it match with the chart depth reference level.

Disable tide correction in chart option

An option has been added in the Chart preferences section to not apply tidal values to an ENC chart.

Live tidal values will change but the ENC chart will not update the chart accordingly.

Default value is that the chart will update automatically.


There is no indication in the display that the chart is not adjusted to the changing tidal values.

Newly supported PPU devices

Trelleborg CAT PRO PPU 

The latest sensor from Trelleborg in the CAT range devices added in the pre-defined sensor list.

Navicom Dynamics Harbour Pilot Mk 5 PPU 

Pre-defined setup has been added for the Navicom Dynamics Harbour Pilot Mk5 PPU

AD Navigation ADX DUO PPU 

The ADX DUO two pods PPU system has been added to the AD Navigation position devices section.

Both data output formats are supported: 

  • NDPPU, a proprietary AD Navigation output format.
  • NMEA standard 

Static bin update

It can take minutes before information like the name of a vessel, dimensions, offsets etc. are received from another AIS vessel.

The vessel static bin in Qastor is used to retrieve and display this information immediately without having to wait for another vessel to broadcast this info.

A new updated static bin has been added to this Qastor 3 version.

The database contains vessels updated until August 2022.

A separate installer is also available via the QPS website:

This can be used to update older versions of Qastor 2.5 and Qastor 3.