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Qastor 2.50.2019.07.17.1 Release

Release Date:

17 July 2019

Highlights on this page:
  • ENC chart depths can now be switched from meters to International feet
  • Vessel dimensions in Transit menu can be changed from meters to feet


We are pleased to present Qastor 2.50.2019.07.17.1

What's new in this version 

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Qastor software is continuously being improved and new features are added. Many of these improvements are not transparent to the user, but have been implemented to create a smoother and faster navigation system. This page includes a summary of the changes made.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get into contact.

  • Previously, the Release Notes could be downloaded just like the various versions of Qastor. Now they can be viewed directly via our website. From there they can be downloaded as well if you need them for offline use. 

  • Most documents from the Qastor Knowledge Base as delivered with Qastor have been placed online too and can be viewed without the need to start Qastor.

ENC chart depths displayed in meters and International feet

Qastor provides an option to show depths in ENCs in either meters or International feet.

Another option is to switch between metric and imperial units directly with one button. This still provides the option to individually change the parameters to metric or imperial so a combination is still possible.

These settings can be found in Mariner Settings > Advanced Settings > Units.

Vessel dimensions in meters and feet 

Vessel dimensions can be set in Qastor to meters or feet in Unit settings (See previous screenshot).

CSV export from Route Converter utility

New CSV exports have been added to the Multiple Route Converter module.

Output can be in decimal degrees, degrees-decimal minutes and degrees-minutes-decimal seconds.

Decimal and Field separator characters can be altered.

Decoding of PADN messages (AD Navigation PPU only)

PADN messages contain meta data about battery levels, quality numbers of GNSS reception and other important information.

These can be decoded and interpretred by Qastor and relevant alarms can be set to monitor these parameters.

All existing AD Navigation sensors which provide the PADN message are now supported including future sensors.

DxfToQxf can now be used without a Qastor license

DxfToQxf is a utility to convert CAD files to a file format which can be used in Qastor.

Previously this program only worked with a hardlock license so softlock license holders are now also able to use this without requiring a hardlock license key.

A Geodetic Database required to convert a CAD file to a Qastor QXF file still needs a hardlock license.

DxfToQxf is a separate installer which can be downloaded from the QPS website:

Raw heading and rate of turn (ROT) output

It was already possible in previous Qastor versions to de-select the heading and rate of turn filter in Advanced Settings.
In some occassions values from the filter buffer could still be used as raw observations.
This is not possible anymore in this version.

JIRA issues solved

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JIRA Nr.Title
SQA-1872DxfToQxf Converter
SQA-1987Ability to show ENC chart depths in feet
SQA-1988Ability to set vessel dimensions in feet
SQA-1997Raw HDT and raw ROT option
SQA-1998AD Navigation PADN messages decoding

Not all issues may be accessible due to JIRA security levels. Please contact QPS for more info in this case.

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