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Object Track from Qinsy projects

The Object Track system preserves the positioning solution from advanced Qinsy computation setups.

Since:Qimera 1.6


Users opening Qinsy projects for full sonar processing in Qimera will see a new positioning system starting with Qimera 1.6. The Object Track system is extracted from paired DB/QPD to preserve the Qinsy positioning solution.  This brings two improvements: (1) It improves the consistency between Qinsy and Qimera object positioning, and (2) it enables raw sonar processing of objects positioned by means of a USBL system, layback system, or linked node.

Since Qimera 2.4.0, the transducer depth will be extracted for each ping in the QPD in certain circumstances. This is used as a platform depth if the vessel is configured as a subsurface type (AUV, ROV, Link Tool) and there is no other depth or pressure sensor configured.


Object tracks are only available in Qimera if the QPD has a multibeam system enabled and logged for the object.


What is the Object Track system?

It is a virtual system that represents the Qinsy Computation CoG positioning track stored in the QPD. This includes horizontal position, height, and TPU from computation.

How is the Object Track system helpful?

This position track preserves advanced computation setups computed online or in replay with Qinsy. This also allows for the import of objects which do not have positioning systems but are instead positioned by means of a USBL system, layback system, or linked node.

Where will I see the Object Track?

  • New system in the Vessel Editor located at the CoG
  • New processing settings priority items for position and vertical referencing
  • New position, height, and associated standard deviation time series in the Time Series Editor dock

Can I edit the Object Track?

You can reject or reject and interpolate the data extracted for the Object Track the same as for all other time series data in Qimera. You cannot edit the QPD in Qinsy and see the changes in Qimera without taking additional steps described below.

How do I update the Object Track modified in Qinsy?

This can be refreshed if replayed or modified in Qinsy with Rescan Time Series Data found in the Tools menu under Manual Processing. Select the DB raw files associated with the modified QPD in the Project Sources and start Rescan Time Series. In the dialog check both Height and Position.