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Qimera 1.5 Webinar - Release

QPS Qimera 1.5 Webinar covered the following topics;

  • Cooperative Cleaning – Speeding up data processing by splitting a Qimera project into smaller sub-projects and then allocating each sub-project to a different data processor
  • Production Line Processing – This feature takes a sequence of Qimera projects and joins them together to facilitate easy data QC and product creation. For example for cable/pipeline route surveys or for nautical chart product compilation
  • Snapshot to Scene – easily create scenes including point clouds for further analysis in Fledermaus, sharing with iView4D or making movies
  • Polygon draw, save and re-use for spatially bounded filtering & clipping – how to clean data around or within lines brought into Qimera
  • Laser data processing – see how to change offsets, import SBETs and show intensity data in Qimera