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Qimera 1.6 Webinar - QINSy to Qimera Clean

In this webinar we explain the following:

  • QINSy Online Session and start off data cleaning in QINSy Nav display.
  • Take a QINSy project to Qimera clean
  • Quick disable soundings outside the surface
  • Set up a spline filter on the filter toolbar, apply it to a selection of the dataset. If you're not happy, you undo. If you are happy with the filter results, you can run the filter on a larger area.
  • Additional manual cleaning and the spike hunting, using Slice Editor and 3D editor
  • Generate validation rectangles (partitions) and step through the data using partions to get rid of outliers
  • Show visited, edited and set checked areas
  • Qimera extra power: for example Snapshot soundings to scene.
  • Gridded data export, point cloud export
  • Take the clean data to QINSy grid tools

Please see How-to Qimera - Point Cleaning with a QINSy Project for more information