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August 29th, 2018. We are pleased to present Qimera 1.7.1.  This is a maintenance release where we tackle bugs and small suggestions.  



  • Clipped Surfaces: New, depth limited Dynamic Surfaces can now be created from an existing one. This allows for the creation of a Dynamic Surface with a specified min/max depth range.  This operation clips the depths of the grid cells that are not within the specified depth range.  The resulting Clipped Surface will act like a regular Dynamic Surface in that a user can edit the underlying soundings and update the grid, in which case the gridding algorithm will re-clip after it is finished gridding. The following image is a composite of two Clipped Surfaces rendered as plates and shaded differently:
  • The Dynamic Surface Shoal Export now includes a time field.
  • There is now an option in the Blocking tab of the Processing Settings that allows the re-application of blocking to be turned off when reprocessing. This allows quick blocking flags to be preserved when data is reprocessed. Any changes to the blocking settings will still result in the re-application of all blocking settings and the subsequent loss of any quick blocking changes made within a line during acquisition.  This functionality will be of most interest for QINSy users who are actively adjusting the Quick Blocking parameters while online.  Previously, the results of the Quick Blocking were lost whenever a user would make changes to any processing settings.
  • It is now possible to select which workspace a new copy will be created from.

ENC Plus add-on

  • There is a new button in the ENC Editor dock, 'Create ENC Shoalest Point Object', which allows you to create an object linked with the shoalest grid node within a lasso selection.
  • You can now take image snapshots from the editors in which you can create an S57 object.  These editor snapshots are stored as images in the Exports directory and are also used to populate the 'images' attribute of the S57 object.  You can now browse the newly created images to review.  You can also browse for other images on your filesystem and link them with S57 objects as well.
  • The data in the ENC Features Table can now be exported to a text file.  This is accessed from the context menu of the ENC Editor dock.
  • The column widths in the ENC Features Table can now be adjusted.



  • Dynamic surfaces with periods in the surface name will now show the complete name in the Profile dock.
  • The name 'Extract Property Layer' under the Dynamic Surface dropdown menu has been changed to 'Extract Dynamic Surface Layer'.


  • Exporting QPSs with only a small number of footprints to an ASCII file was failing, this is now fixed.

Raw Source Files

  • Raw Sonar Files with extra periods in the file names will now have the complete name displayed in the Slice Editor dock and Sounding Properties.
  • An additional check was added when loading associated DBs from QINSy project QPDs. This will warn if the DBs have different setups.
  • Loading Associated QINSy DBs will now work.


  • When an SD is selected as Separation model in the Processing Settings, if it requires reprojection, vertical transformation of the SD is no longer carried out if the Qimera project contains a QINSy geoid model or if a static offset is set. The vertical component will still be shifted if it's part of a 3D transform that is required to reproject the SD into the Project Coordinate System.
  • The option to turn off the Automatic conversion of Kongsberg and GSF files has been removed from the Preferences.  Both of these files will automatically be converted to QPD upon import.
  • SBET files that span over the end of a GPS week (Saturday night at midnight) will now work correctly.
  • The 'Accept Only Specified Frequency' filter was not working on several lines at a time. This has been fixed.

Docks and Editors

  • Qimera will no longer freeze when going between Slice Editor (using partitions) and Explore mode.
  • In the Water Column dock, the stacked side view depth units were meters in projects that had non-metric coordinate frames. This has been fixed.

List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager

  • Fixed issue where License Manager did not show the correct number of seats available for NetHASP license
  • Fixed issue where pasting a HASP dongle upgrade code with line breaks or other whitespace caused it to be rejected