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Qimera 1.7.2 Release

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September 13th, 2018. We are pleased to present Qimera 1.7.2.  This has been released early to address a serious problem affecting certain Processed Points unloading workflows. Several new features are also included in this release.

A serious bug was found that affects the unloading of edits to certain Processed Points file formats.

Users affected by this should not attempt to unload edits using Qimera 1.7.0 or 1.7.1. Please upgrade to 1.7.2 immediately.

Here is a description of the problem:

  • This bug affects Qimera 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 only.
  • It affects files that require file offset values to unload, most notably FAU and LAS.
  • It causes the first 500 footprints to not be unloaded.
  • It could also cause corruption of the source file due to modifications being made to the file using incorrect file pointers.
  • Tests showed no corruption, but it was still possible, depending on the values in the uninitialized file offsets.

Here is the complete list of file formats affected:

  • Swedish Binary DIS (.bdi)
  • Danish Geographic FAU (.fge)
  • Danish FAU/FAU2 (.fau, .fu2)
  • Shoals 1K (.hof)
  • RAN HTF (.htb, .htf)
  • Hydro 93 Binary (.b93)
  • LAS (.las)


  • SVPs can now be exported as ASCII, Caris, and Hypack formats. This functionality is available from the Export dropdown menu.
  • Hypack version 3 SVPs can now be imported.  Version 3 of this format includes the SVP position, previous versions did not.
  • Certain Processed Points file, such as FAU and LAS, can now have data excluded from import when they are brought into Qimera. This results in smaller QPDs and less display clutter for nuisance soundings that users may not want to see at all.  Filter options vary between file types.


  • Fixed a bug affecting the unloading of edits to certain Processed Points formats. See the warning above for more information.
  • Images linked to an ENC feature are now separated by a semi colon rather than a comma.
  • Omniviewer will now correctly read the surface sound speed from GSF files that have new sensor specific subrecords.


  • Unloading changes to PDS2000 files is not possible in Qimera. This was incorrect in the documentation.

List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager

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