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Qimera 1.7.3 Release

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October 11th, 2018. We are pleased to present Qimera 1.7.3.  


  • Several processed points formats can now have footprints excluded from import based on flags within those files. These include SFF, XSE, PDS, PFM, GSF, LAZ formats.  This would be used to reduce the size of point files in Qimera and improves responsiveness when there are point files that have many rejected points.
  • Export Shoal Soundings now has a configurable time and date format.
  • The 'Charts on Top' setting, accessible by right clicking on 'Charts' in the Project Layers dock, is now turned off by default.
  • The ASCII File Configuration will now allow a maximum of 999 header lines to be skipped, up from 99.


  • Patch Test Tool
    • The Patch Test Tool will now perform better when viewing Kongsberg .kmall files.
    • Fixed an issue where some multihead setups were not displaying points properly in the Patch Test Tool.
    • A problem with the Patch Test Tool not displaying points from HSX files has been fixed.
  • Surfaces
    • Instant Surface Filter edits made to a surface that contains only MBES data, when the QPD contained MBES and Laser will now only affect the MBES points. Previously, the Laser points were inadvertently flagged as well.
    • Fixed a problem with Dynamic Surface Grid Clipping that caused empty surfaces to be created.
    • Dynamic Surfaces with update set to 'Manual' will no longer have an update triggered by reprocessing.
  • Source Files
    • Made a fix for Kongsberg .kmall data that wasn't displaying correctly in the Water Column dock.
    • A crash that occurred when exporting a GSF from R2SC files has been fixed.
  • Mac OS
    • Certain Kongsberg .kmall files would not load position data on Mac OS. This has been fixed.
    • The Datagram Viewer will now be included in Mac OS installers, as intended.
  • Other
    • BAG files exported from Pydro will no longer cause a crash upon import if re-projection is necessary.
    • The 'Set Custom Hypothesis' checkbox has been removed from the Edit ENC Object dialog.

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