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November 14th, 2018. We are pleased to present Qimera 1.7.4.  This is a maintenance release where we tackle bugs and small suggestions.


  • Footprints shifted via the Refraction or Z-Shift filters will now keep their shifts after reprocessing.
  • BAG files can now have the Z values inverted upon import.
  • Sounding exports from a Dynamic Surface will only include the systems that the surface was built with.
  • The M_COVR attribute will no longer be exported in an S-57 by default and is now optional.
  • It is now possible to set upper and lower bounds on the Harmonic Sound Speed solution provided by the TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion tool.


  • Processing / Source Files
    • Files that have motion data end before position data, and are set to use GNSS heighting, will have the position interpolated if required. This will reduce the number of pings that fail to have GNSS heights applied in certain cases.
    • Some dual head MBES systems with a reversed transmitter were not working correctly with the TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion. This has been fixed.
    • Certain HSX dual head MBES data had both heads processed to one side. This has been fixed.
    • Corrected an issue with some DBs showing extra MBES heads in the Properties tab.
  • Tools and Editors
    • The patch test report will now contain images if the project name contains a '#' symbol.
    • The SVP Editor will no longer crash when changing vessel.
    • Quick profiles that cross two surfaces or are started off a surface will now have the vertical bounds scale correctly to match the data.
    • In the 3D Editor, the surface layer name 'Dynamic Surface' has been changed to 'Average'
  • Importing / Exporting
    • XSE data can now be successfully exported to GSF.
    • Processed Points files that support unloading and have flags set by filters on import, will now have those flags unloaded back to the source file.
    • ZDF files that contain spaces instead of underscores in the tags will now import correctly.
  • ENC
    • OBSTRN ENC features with a CATOBS attribute set to zero will now have 'Unknown' encoded to match.
  • Other
    • Existing projects moved into a folder with non-Roman characters in the file path will no longer cause a crash.

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