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Qimera 1.7.5 Release

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December 19th, 2018. We are pleased to present Qimera 1.7.5.  This is a maintenance release where we tackle bugs and small suggestions.

Bugs and Improvements

  • Processing / Source Files
    • QINSy DB files with MBES or Laser systems that have special characters like colons, quotes, slashes etc. in the system name will now export to FAU and GSF correctly.
    • Custom filter profiles with a single filter will now work as expected.
    • The Object Track heights will now be properly extracted from QINSy QPDs that contain multi transducer systems.
    • R2Sonic .r2sc files that contain Water Column but no bathymetry will no longer cause a crash when imported.
    • Reson 7150 .s7k water column data will now plot correctly in the Water Column dock.
  • Tools, Editors and Docks
    • TrueHeave sign convention will now be correct in the Multiplot dock.
    • The 3D Editor button will now work correctly after cancelling the start up of the 3D Editor.
    • 'Color by Line' has been changed to 'Color by File' in the 4D Window and Slice Editor Dock.
    • In the Cross Check tool, the median value is now computed correctly.
  • Importing / Exporting
    • Kongsberg .all additional soundings were not being exported in GSF files correctly. This has been fixed.
    • SVPs exported from Qimera will now exclude any data points that have been flagged.
    • Processed Points files with filenames containing special characters like umlauts or several from the cyrillic alphabet, will now work correctly when building surfaces.
    • Kongsberg .all files that were missing some datagrams were causing a crash when exporting GSFs. This has been fixed.
  • Other
    • The '+' button on the number pad of the keyboard will now work to change the size of a rectangular selection.
    • Depth axis labels in the Water Column dock have been changed to note that the depths and ranges are from the transducer.
    • Keyboard tabbing order has been improved in several dialogs.

List of Changes and Updates to the License Manager

  • Fix a bug that adding invalid upgrade code in the License Manager 'HASP Upgrade Code' dialog will not cause a crash now
  • Added support for new Licensing Product and Add-Ons.