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Qimera 2.0.3 Release

24 October 2019

We're pleased to present Qimera version 2.0.3. maintenance release addressing small issues. Read below for details.


  • GSF 3.0.9 is now supported. This format supports Kongsberg KMALL systems.


  • Processing / Source Files
    • OSGB36 Geodetics were not working correctly. This is now fixed.
    • Removing certain files from a project will now trigger a new warning explaining that associated files will be removed.
    • Cleaning projects can now be made from QPDs loaded as processed points.
    • Fixed a problem where certain data experienced incorrectly high TPU values near transducer boresight.
    • Running a blocking filter will no longer cause footprints blocked with Despiked, Collinearity, or Relative Depth flags to become accepted.
    • Certain R2Sonic data was triggering a crash in the Swath Editor. This has been fixed.
  • Tools and Editors
    • Some data experienced improper processing with the TU Delft Quick Search algorithm. This has been fixed.
    • Dual head R2Sonic systems with one head disabled will now be roll correct properly in the Water Column dock.
    • Fixed an issue where some data was not having the flags applied correctly in the 3D Editor.
    • Fixed an issue that occurred while the Surface Edit Overview was turned on while the Slice Editor was active.
    • Certain data was causing a crash when opened for the first time in the Water Column dock and the Side View was activated.
    • Fixed a problem where very high sounding counts were being calculated for empty grid nodes.
  • Importing / Exporting
    • Importing several batches of HS2 files will no longer cause a crash.
    • Importing an empty ASCII XYZ file will no longer cause a crash
    • Importing files using a project's custom transformation will now result in that transformation being applied correctly.
    • Imported Kongberg ASVP files will now have the correct time extracted from the file.
    • QPDs imported as Processed Points will now correctly set the project geodetics.
  • Surfaces
    • Appending processed points files to a Dynamic Surface will no longer incorrectly present a TPU dialog.
    • Large projects containing many lines and surfaces were running into problems when building or appending to surfaces. This has been fixed.
    • It is now possible to manually append data to a Dynamic Surface while Qimera Live is running.
  • Other
    • Projects with corrupted project XML files will no longer cause a crash when opened.
    • Qimera will now ensure that the user coordinate system file is present when a project is opened.


  • It is now possible to configure various network license settings from the command line.
  • An issue where licensing warnings would wrongly appear is now fixed.