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Qimera 2.1.0 - Bugs


Blocking is no longer working when you disable it (introduced in v2.0.3, fixed in 2.1.0)

Drape Image dialog does not enable ok button when selecting manual horizontal coordinate system

Tide unloaded to FAU files. Corrupt depths resulted when unloading to FAU files that contained headers

Surfaces - Static - Crash after trying to import second grid

Cross check graphs do not display units for non-metric projections

Adding Raw Sonar files where the CRS can't be automatically determined will now show a blank CRS

Export - Scalar Object - Export to Image was not functioning

Bug in CUBE presets after user selects Shallow mode

Swath Editor does not gracefully handle switch between MBE and Laser lines when some systems are disabled

Contour labels appended with white box

Make it clear that the surface difference wizard doesn't support file types other than ASCII

Filter flag to accept soundings not honored when applying cleaning project edits

Cannot undo / Turn off TU Delft sound speed inversion

Softlock Proxy not working with SSL / NTLM