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Qimera 2.1.0 - Known Issues

For this release, the following are known issues which we plan to address in upcoming releases.

IssueDescriptionAffects VersionExpected Fix Version
BugCUBE surfaces do not correctly handle z-range limits.  There is no workaround currently, this was discovered in v2.,
BugCUBE surfaces over extend the spatial area when a user specified horizontal range is specified, i.e. a box is drawn to create a small CUBE surface for which the data extends beyond the boundaries of the surface.  There is no workaround currently, this was discovered in v2.,
BugDynamic Surfaces do not correctly recompute Cast Shadows when shading parameters or view layers are change for multiple surfaces at the same time, i.e. a user has selected multiple Dynamic Surfaces at the same time and has changed a view parameter for all of them simultaneously.  Workaround is to manually trigger a surface re-illumination with the "Recompute Surface Illumination" option from the Dynamic Surface menu for each surface.  This is sped up by adding this option to a Custom Toolbar, then you can select the Dynamic Surface and click the button.  Alternately, you can create a keyboard shortcut for this.2.0.3,

Filter toolbars to "Accept All Soundings" and "Revert Manual Edits" do not have the intended effect when used in a Cooperative Cleaning project to over-ride cleaning that was done manually in the Master project prior to creating the Cooperative Cleaning project.  Suggested workflow is to use the manual re-accept tools in the Slice Editor and 3D Editor.
LimitationThe Wobble Analysis tool does not work for Qinsy Laser systems and the Wobble Analysis Tool checks for laser at runtime and denies entry to the tool.  There is a bug, however, that the check for laser will crash if the data comes from a set up that contains both multibeam and laser.  This crash will be fixed in the next maintenance release.