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Qimera 2.1.0 Release

20 November 2019

We're pleased to present Qimera version 2.1.0. In this release, we introduce several new features, with a focus on cross product features between Qinsy and Qimera, along with many improvements that were requested. Read below for details.


  • Major Improvements to Patch Test Tool
  • Support for Laser Calibration in the Patch Test Tool
  • Free Qimera Patch Test mode for Qinsy users
  • and many more feedback items from the Qimera Feedback Project have been successfully implemented

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Feedback Project 

In this release, we have completed 22 feedback items, which satisfies 198 votes. For more information, see our Voting System Policy and Using the feedback project

The Feedback Project helps us to continue improving our software products. Vote or implement feedback and participate in the process by tracking, watching and commenting on issues!

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