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Qimera 2.1.1 Release


  • Processing / Source Files
    • Resolved an issue where a warning was shown incorrectly when using GNSS heights.
    • Surfaces in Cleaning Projects will no longer include footprints from systems that were not used in the original master surface.
    • Soundings accepted in a cleaning project will now be accepted correctly in the master project when the edits are merged.
    • Improved the error message that appears when ray tracing dependent tools are invoked for files that don't support ray tracing.
    • Tide files that include very sparse data, one point per day for instance, will now work correctly.
    • SVP Crossfade will no longer cause a crash for mixed MBES and Laser data.
  • Tools and Editors
    • Swath Editor: When Auto Zoom is turned off it will now respect that setting when rejected soundings are toggled.
    • Center clicking with the mouse and dragging will no longer invoke a selection tool.
    • Improved the matching and visualization of water column files that are separate from the bathymetry source file.
    • Fixed an issue with some laser points not working correctly in the Swath Editor.
    • Sounding properties will now be updated in the Slice Editor correctly, even if a tool other than 'Explore' is selected.
    • Stopped a crash in the Patch Test Tool that occurred when loading data from submersible objects that had no associated depth or pressure.
    • The background colour of the 3D Slice editor window can now be changed.
    • Some laser data caused a crash in the Wobble Test Tool. This has been fixed.
    • Improved water column visualization for dual head MBES systems that have ping rate inconsistencies between heads.
    • Stopped a crash that occurred in the 3D Editor when 'Select File' was used.
  • Importing / Exporting
    • Fixed a geodetics issue that occurred during import of QPDs from a Qinsy project.
    • Exported coordinates from the Geopicking utility will now have an appropriate number of decimal places.
    • An incorrect geodetics warning that appeared when draping an image on the scene has been fixed.
    • It is now clearly stated that ASCII files are supported for tide import.
    • POS/MV files that start with a partial datagram will now import correctly.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when exporting certain Kongsberg data to GSF.
  • Surfaces
    • Improved detection of corrupt surfaces and how they are recreated.
    • Fixed an issue where updates to surfaces were not being carried out properly after changing from Manual Updates to Always.
    • The CUBE Capture Distance setting names have been changed to match Survey Manager and DMagic.
    • Shading of surfaces created in Qinsy has been improved.
    • Setting TPU values when creating a CUBE surface is now much faster.
    • Fixed a problem that was stopping Dynamic Surfaces from being created in Qinsy projects.
  • Other
    • Improved how focus is removed from the Vertical Exaggeration settings box in the scene.
    • Fixed an issue that affected installations on Mac OS where the separate QPS geodetics were not installed.
    • Stopped a crash that occurred when ENCs with revisions were imported.
    • Licenses that include the FM Midwater product will now be acknowledged correctly by Qimera.
    • The classification filter information now clearly states that this filter is intended only for LAS/LAZ type data.
    • Improved the information presented when the required version of OpenGL is not found.
    • Improved handling of a situation where a project is inadvertently created in the C:\ root folder.


  • If you are a Caris/QPS workflow please read this information as QPS products do not currently support Caris 11 Licensing.