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Qimera 2.2.2 Release

18 June 2020

We're pleased to present Qimera version 2.2.2, a maintenance release addressing small issues. Read below for details.


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  • Interpolation is now possible with CUBE depth surfaces, all other CUBE related fields like hypothesis count are left at zero.
  • License Manager will now display disabled products to allow for proper de-activation in the event that the user would like to re-activate.


  • Tools and Editors
    • Measure Tool - Crash when enabling view of Dynamic Surface after running measuring tool
    • Measure Tool - Crash when doing a measurement for the second time
    • Profile - Red dot indicator stops when outside main dynamic surface
    • 3D Editor - Sometimes reporting no soundings loaded in selected area
    • Slice Editor - Removed maximum cap on vertical exaggeration control (50x)
    • Slice Editor - Fixed crash when warning that maximum point count is reached
    • Swath Editor - Pick/add soundings with dual swath KMALL
    • Swath Editor - Fixed crash that occured with Qinsy .db files containing multiple objects
    • TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion - Disallow algorithm from working on laser data

    • TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion - Fixed problem where some data rejected after running inversion

  • Patch Test Tool
    • Tools and Docks - Patch Test Tool - Lines don't clear after deselection
    • Patch test - Tickbox to apply/unapply offset was not working
  • Surfaces
    • Appending to grid - Surface was not expanding correctly when data was appended outside of grid bounds
    • Duplicating a Surface - Newly duplicated surface was including files that were removed from the original surface
    • Fixed crash when building CUBE surface
    • Surface Difference - Fixed use of area selection which was applied inconsistently depending on the order that surfaces were selected
    • Export - Fixed problem where Export to surface was not respecting the user's choice of selected layer
    • CUBE filter soundings - Option to Clear Rejected Flag was not working correctly
    • CUBE filter for soundings - Dialog was defaulting to "Selection" when there is no selection made
  • Other
    • Overview Widget - Improve consistency in color map application between Scene and Surface Edit Overview after application of large z-offet to a Dynamic Surface
    • Fixed Time-Series Editor crash that occurred after selecting a particular file in the project overview
    • qimera-command now works with relative paths given on the command line
    • Project Sources - Ctrl+A was selecting files from multiple types
    • Project name was truncating in the title bar if it contained any periods in the project name
    • Color Maps - Fixed importer for GMT .cpt color map files
    • Background ENC chart SD showing up in 'Drape Imagery onto Surface' dialog

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