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Qimera 2.2.3 Release

16 July 2020

We're pleased to present Qimera version 2.2.3, a maintenance release addressing small issues. Read below for details.


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  • QGF import and conversion to .sd format now supports area objects, previously only point and line objects were supported.
  • GSF export from Qinsy .db files now are fully populated with sonar ping metadata and beam average results in the case of snippets information being absent. This improves export of the following systems when acquired in Qinsy .db format: R2Sonic, Norbit and Reson systems. Previously, the sonar ping metadata was only populated if snippet records were recorded. This now allows for backscatter processing in FMGT for these systems when only beam average backscatter is recorded.
  • Dynamic Surface creation dialog now has better labeling to help users with limiting the z-range. The labels z-min and z-max have been changed to Deep and Shallow, respectively, in order to guide users to correct input. The warning dialog that is launched after doing error checking on data entry of these fields has been also improved to remind users that depths require a negative sign.
  • CUBE - Changed default area of application to be the Entire Surface instead of the Selected Area for following dialogs. Previously the default was set to Selected Area, even if the user did not have an area selected. This change brings these dialogs into alignment with other dialogs that force users to take an extra step to have a selected area be used for an operation, e.g. Creating a Dynamic Surface, Exporting grid layers.
    • Create Custom Hypotheses
    • Re-CUBE Area
    • CUBE Filter Soundings


  • Processing / Source Files
    • Fixed error that cleared the Checked flag in the grid during re-grid operations, specifically when re-enabling surface updates.
    • Fixed problem with TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion with heavily steered beam angles that are nearly horizontal.
  • Tools and Editors
    • Fixed Water Column sounding picking for KMALL format dual swath configurations where a single user pick would result in two points.
    • Slice Editor now allows user to cancel loading of large point clouds, previously it would just warn and allow the user to cancel but would still attempt to load the points anyway.
  • Importing / Exporting
    • Add warning on import of BAG files too large to be accommodated by .sd format. BAG files are converted to .sd format and are represented as Static Surfaces in Qimera. The .sd format is limited to 65535 rows/columns, in previous versions Qimera would hang or crash when very large BAG files were imported.
    • In Qimera 2.2.0, we released a fix that stopped import of raw sonar files that had duplicate file names. This was previously causing problems with the resulting QPDs since Qimera could not support having separate QPDs. The fix we put in place to stop import of duplicate filenames inadvertently affected import of other formats with duplicate filenames like SVP, POSMV, HIPS Processed Depths and some tide file formats. The duplicate file name fix has been narrowed in scope to only check for raw sonar files. All Qimera 2.2.0, 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 users should upgrade to 2.2.3 if your workflows involve: (a) importing SVP, POSMV or Tides, or (b) working with Caris HIPS Processed Depths for point cleaning.
    • Fixed crash on import of some Hypack .vel sound velocity files that had unexpected date/time formatting.
    • Added check on latitude/longitude range on import of Hypack .vel sound velocity files to limit conversion of positions to reasonable latitude and longitude ranges.
  • Other
    • Color preference for display of Filtered Soundings has been enabled, it previously had no effect in the various point editors.
    • Text in warning messages from the Filter Toolbar have been changed to match terms in the Filter Toolbar's "File Selection" combo box. Previous warning messages used the term Lines instead of Files.
  • Geodetics
    • Fixed Geoid XML file to have proper new unique ID for AusGeoid2020.
    • Fixed error in handling of transform parameters related to HARN.

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