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Qimera 2.3.4 Release

14 April 2021

We are pleased to present Qimera 2.3.4, which has several improvements.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Processing / Source Files
    • Fixed an issue when unloading edits back to a HDCS file 
    • Improved performance when selecting project sources, especially for projects containing large navigation files
  • Tools and Editors
    • Improved the performance of the slice editor when using a rotated selection
    • Fixed an issue with pixelation and slowness in the water column side stack view
    • Fixed a rendering issue in the Time Series Editor when zooming while selecting and inserting samples
    • Fixed a height step between lines after repeated runs of the Varying Vertical Height shift tool
    • Fixed ping errors reported during Dry Run and added start and end times for the different series
    • Fixed the Center View on Point Pair action in the Horizontal Shift Tool's contour view
    • Vertical Shift Tools now work everywhere, inside boundary or outside boundary and can be used with an area exclusion mask which can exclude (multiple) areas from the computation
  • Importing / Exporting
    • Importing large ASCII point files causing spikes due to a resolution issue has been fixed
    • Fixed the Export Kongsberg .all to GSF that was dropping the second swath when in dual swath mode
    • Fixed an FAU import precision issue causing millimeter level shifts in point depth
    • Fixed a colormap issue when exporting GeoTIFFs from a Dynamic Surface displaying 95% confidence interval
    • Added the ability to set the Plotted flag during import of Processed Points
  • Layers
    • Improved the fidelity of curve rendering in routes and CAD imports. The number of line segments used to approximate curves has been greatly increased.
    • Added a warning message explaining that selection tools may not work properly on surfaces that have been given a visual Z offset
    • Fixed a graphical issue affecting surfaces with a visual Z offset
  • Other
    • Fixed the loading of the geographic and projected formats in the Shared Preferences page of the preferences

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