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Qimera 2.4.0 - Improvements

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Link Tool vessel type is now supported

Qimera has added support for the Link Tool vessel type as defined in Qinsy.

Link Tool, ROV, AUV vessel types now read transducer depth from QPD

For underwater vehicles that have no depth or pressure systems and a QPD was saved online, or generated by Qinsy's replay tool, Qimera will now read the transducer depth from the QPD and use it as the first entry for raytracing (unless overridden in the processing settings). Previously, the first entry for raytracing when using an underwater vehicle was available only with a depth or pressure sensor present. 

Colormap adjustment for multiple selected surfaces

Qimera will now show the histogram and allow for left click, right click histogram adjustment for the color range when multiple surfaces are selected. This allows for easy matching of different surface color ranges. This works for Dynamic Surfaces, Static Surfaces and Scalar Surfaces.

Horizontal and Vertical shift tools now log messages to the Process History

The horizontal and vertical shift tools added in Qimera 2.3.0 will now log messages to the project history. These can be reviewed in the Process History Dock by double clicking on the process name.

Create Route/Lines/Dynamic Cables or Pipes from selection modes, profile tool, or measure tool

Qimera now allows for the creation of routes, lines, and dynamic cables or pipes from selection modes (like lasso and polygon), using the profile tool or measure tool. After drawing in the Scene, right clicking in the Scene or by opening the Layer menu, you are presented with three options to create line object/route/dynamic Cable/Pipe from current selection. This will add the newly drawn line, route or cable/pipe to the project layers. Line objects can also be turned into a project route by right clicking on the line object and selecting use line object as route.

Toolbar items hidden

Fixed a toolbar issue where some toolbar items would be hidden unless the toolbar was expanded to it's full size.

Improved warnings for Geodetic issues

More warning messages will be displayed when Qimera encounters geodetic issues or models that aren't found during project opening (Qinsy and Qimera projects alike). For example Qimera will now provide a warning on project opening if a project was moved to a different machine where the geoid model cannot be found.

New support for custom spheroids

It is now possible to define custom spheroids when configuring the geodetics for a Qimera project. The custom system's parameters will only be stored in the project's WKT, it will not be stored in the EPSG database.

Update EPSG database to v9.9.1

The EPSG database has been updated to version 9.9.1

Qinsy Tide Priorities

Qinsy 9.4.0 has released tide priorities allowing for cascading tide strategies. Qimera will read the online tide priorities from the QPD object track (.db and .qpd paired on import).

Attach scroll selection to line object

It is now easier to attach a scroll selection to a line object, simply by right clicking on a trackline in the Project Sources or a line or route in the Project Layers. Previously the was only available by ctrl + left clicking on a line in the scene.

Vertical and horizontal zooming

Vertical zooming is now available in several of Qimera's plots by using the ctrl + mouse wheel zoom. Horizontal zooming is also available by using ctrl + shift + mouse wheel zoom.