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Qimera 2.4.0 - Known Issues

For this release, the following are known issues which we plan to address in upcoming releases.

IssueSummary  Affects Version/sExpected Fix Version

Filter toolbars to "Accept All Soundings" and "Revert Manual Edits" do not have the intended effect when used in a Cooperative Cleaning project to over-ride cleaning that was done manually in the Master project prior to creating the Cooperative Cleaning project.  Suggested workflow is to use the manual re-accept tools in the Slice Editor and 3D Editor.

BugThere is a bug in the GSF export tool when batch exporting many files, typically several hundred files. Sometimes Qimera will crash and other times the snippets are not exported. A workaround if you experience this is to export in smaller batches and re-export GSF files that are missing snippets.