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Qimera 2.4.0 Release

June 16th, 2021

We're pleased to present Qimera version 2.4.0. In this release, we introduce a few new features, with a focus on Qimera Offshore tools along with many improvements that were requested. Read below for details.


  • Cable/Pipe TOP Detection tool for detecting the top of product, generating X-Point listings, cable/pipe analysis and exports
  • Cable/Pipe tracker sensor editor for viewing and editing the raw sensor information
  • Navigation editor for viewing and editing navigation data

Voting System

In this release, we have completed 3 feedback items, which satisfies 61 votes. For more information, see our Voting system Policy  and Using the Voting System

The Feedback Project helps us to continue improving our software products. At the moment, our Voting System is down as described at the top of the Voting system Policy page. Despite the system being inaccessible for voting for a short period, we still use it to prioritize developments while we await a solution from our provider, Atlassian.