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Qimera Add Processed Point Files Dialog

How to Start

What it Does

This dialog is used to add processed point files to your project.

Adding Large ASCII Files

If you would like to add points from ASCII files that are bigger than 1 GB, the preferable way to do this is through Import Large ASCII Processed Point Files in the Source Menu.

General Description

Point file data can be entered either by clicking on the 'Add Files...' button, 'Add HIPS Files...', or by clicking on the 'Add Directory...' button. Clicking on the 'Add Files...' button will bring up a file selection dialog and multiple files can be added at once.  Clicking on the 'Add Directory...' button will bring up a directory selection dialog. This will recursively add any supported Point File Data.  In the case where there are multiple supported Point File Data, a filter can be specified in the Filter Edit field. For a list of all supported processed point files, please see .Qimera Data Format Specific. Clicking on the 'Add HIPS Files...' button will bring up a dialog to to select specific HDCS lines of data.

Add HIPS Files

HDCS lines of data can first be added by specifying a HDCS Data path at the bottom of the dialog where projects reside. From there, select the desired HIPS Project from the above list, then the desired Vessel. One or more Days can then be selected, then lastly select the desired Lines of HDCS data and hit OK. The selected HDCS lines will be added to the Add Processed Points dialog. To add HDCS data, Qimera requires a valid CARIS license. To point Qimera to the valid CARIS license, refer to the Shared Preference option in the Preference dialog.

Add Files

Adding Processed Point can result in a variety of optional buttons depending on the file format.

Custom Configuration

Clicking the Custom Configuration Button will launch the Qimera Custom ASCII File Configuration Dialog dialog. This dialog will allow you to configure your import data.

Note: If an ASCII file is added, you will automatically be shown the Custom ASCII File Configuration dialog.

File Configuration

Clicking the File Config button launches the Qimera Processed Point File Configuration Dialog.

TPU Settings

Clicking the TPU Settings Button will launch the Qimera Processed Point File TPU Calculation Dialog.


Clicking the Filter Button will launch the Processed Points Filter. This dialog allows the construction of filters during the Processed Point file import process. When files are imported the constructed filters will be applied to the data and reduce manual editing overhead. Constructed filters will be saved for the current import session only and cannot be recalled once the import process has started. 

Filter Construction

Selecting the If combo box will provide a list of items that can be filtered based on the import data file type. The following list reflects items available for the LAS point file format. 

Selecting the Is combo box provides a list of comparison operators. The comparison operator will be associated with the value entered into the adjacent text field. 


Selecting the Then combo box provides a list of options that will be applied to the imported data. 


 All accepted filters will be appended to the Filters list in a human readable format for review. Filters can be removed individually or exclusively using the Remove Filter or Remove All buttons. 

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