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Qimera Add Tide Definition File Dialog

How to Start

What it Does

This dialog imports tide definition files, either QINSy Tide Definition (QTF) or Zoned Tide (ZDF), that describe stations, strategies, and associated tide data used for tide corrections.

General Description

The dialog has several section, these are explained below.

Coordinate System

This is the coordinate system of the selected file's position information, this includes station coordinates and area polygons. This is used to transform the coordinates to the project coordinate system.

Import Options

Force overwrite of existing tide station and strategies - (disabled by default) if enabled this will suppress overwrite warnings

Find and import associated tide files - (enabled by default) if enabled, after creating stations and strategies a search for associated tide data files will be made and any file found will be imported to the appropriate station. See notes below for details on how the search for files is made.

Additional Notes

QINSy Tide Definition (QTF) Import

When importing QTF please note that the Coordinate System will default to the project projection as this is not specified in the QTF.

If Find and import associated tide files is enabled the relative path "..\TideData" will be searched for QTD files included in the QTF. This matches the QINSy folder structure.

Additionally, the imported QTF's interpolation method will be translated to the matching method in Qimera according to the table below:

QINSy Tide interpolation methodMethod after importing to Qimera


Single Station


Single Station


  • Two Station Linear Interpolation - if QTF includes 2 stations,
  • Multiple Station Distance Interpolation - for 3 or more stations

Linear CoTidal

Linear Co-Tidal Interpolation


Each area will be imported as an individual strategy

Linear or CoTidal
  • Single station - if QTF includes only 1 station,
  • Two Station Linear Interpolation - for 2 stations,
  • Multiple Station Distance Interpolation - for 3 or more stations

Zoned Tide (ZDF) Import

There is no metadata in the ZDF that describes the coordinate system used for the zone and station locations, NAD83 is assumed as a default but should be updated to match the ZDF coordinate system.

If Find and import associated tide files is enabled the folder containing the ZDF file will be searched. Any recognized tide format with metadata or file name matching the stations in the ZDF file will be imported. If additional information is required in the filename an underscore may be used, anything after the underscore will be ignored when matching against station names in the ZDF.

Each zone will be imported as an individual strategy. The tide method for strategies will be Single Station which may include multiple stations order by priority. If multiple stations are listed for a zone in the [TIDE_AVERAGE] section the Average method will instead be used.

Tide Constituent and Residual Interpolation (TCARI)

Importing a TCARI model adds a strategy and stations to the project that allow for download and calculation (with TCARI interpretor) of tides.

Find and import associated tide files has no effect.

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