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Qimera Cable/Pipe Analysis Dock

How to Start

  1. Select Run Cable/Pipe Analysis & Export... menu item when Right-Clicking a Dynamic Cable/Pipe in the Project Layers. 
  2. If hidden - Select the Cable/Pipe Analysis Dock tab. 
  3. If hidden - Select Window Menu → Cable/Pipe Analysis Dock. 

What It Does

The Cable Pipe Analysis Dock allows the user to analyze their Dynamic Cable/Pipe and associated X-Point Listings. Several forms of analysis information can be exported in ASCII and Image format. If this dock is open and data is loaded any changes to the loaded Dynamic Cable/Pipe or its X-point Listings will be updated automatically including the Depth of Burial computation. 

Object Table

The Object Table contains all plot items that are associated with the current Dynamic Cable/Pipe. Each item can be enabled/disabled using its corresponding checkbox, its color changed using the Object Table Toolbar Color Button and its line pattern changed using the Object Table Toolbar Line Pattern Button. When mousing over the plot the depth column will be updated with the associated plot item depth. 

Object Table Toolbar

This toolbar allows customization of the plot objects. 

  Color Button

This button will show a dialog that allows the color customization of the currently select plot object.

  Line Pattern Button

This button will change the line pattern of the currently selected plot object.  If you click and hold the button, you will see a drop down list of the choices.  A single click will cycle to the next line pattern.

Plot Data 

The Plot Data window visualizes the currently loaded Dynamic Cable/Pipe profile and its associated X-Listings and computed analysis/Depth of Burial plots. Each plots attributes can be configured using the methods outlined in the Object Table section. 

Plot Data Toolbar

  Explore Mode

This is the primary exploration mode of the tool.  As you move your cursor over the plot, the label in the lower left of the window will update to show the KP of the cursor location. This will also update the associated Depth column for each plot item in the Object Table.

  Zoom Mode

When in zoom mode, simply click and drag an area of the plot to zoom into.  At any time, you can Shift-Click to pan the plot to a new location. Vertical scale zoom can activated by holding the Ctrl key and using the mouse wheel. 

Zoom Out Button

If you have zoomed into an area of the plot, this button will zoom out to the extents of all the plot data.

  Point Size

This button will allow you to change the size of the plotted points and lines. Clicking on the button will cycle to the next size.  Click and hold to get a drop down menu of sizes to choose from.

  Cable/Pipe Analysis Menu

Import Line Object as Reference

This option will launch a dialog listing all of the available Lines that have been added to Qimera that meet the requirement of containing only one segment. The resulting dialog will allow you to select the acceptable lines that you wish to add which can be enabled/disabled by clicking the associated checkbox. Clicking Ok will add the selected lines to the Object Table which can be configured as outlined under the Object Table section. 

Compute Depth of Burial

This option will launch a dialog that allows you to select appropriate references from the Object Table in order to calculate depth of burial and provide visual representation of intersections (Burial Regions) between the current dynamic pipe and the selected reference object(s). A Burial Regions analysis plot object will be added to the Object Table that can be configured as outlined in the Object Table section. Boxcar smoothing can be applied to the selected reference line using the smoothing checkbox to smooth the resulting analysis plot object. Only a single Depth of Burial calculation can be active at a time. Any changes made will overwrite the previous computation and resultant analysis plot. 

The image above shows the resultant Burial Regions from running the computation with a single reference and +/- 3 sample smoothing value. You can see the intersections at which the smoothed analysis object (red) intersects with the dynamic pipe object (blue) indicating buried vs exposed states. The colours of the Burial Regions can be changed by selecting the matching label color at the bottom of the plot. 

Clear Depth of Burial

This option will clear any Depth of Burial calculation you have run previously. This option will be disable if you have run no valid computational analysis. 

Show Burial Regions

This option will show or hide the Analysis Burial Regions that are produced when running the Depth of Burial computation. This option will be disable if you have run no valid computational analysis. 

Export Plot as Image

This option will export the current visual plot as an image. 

Export to ASCII

This option will launch the Dynamic Cable/Pipe Export Options dialog to enable configuration and exporting to ASCII. 


Each field can be enabled or disabled by clicking the checkbox for the corresponding item. The fields can be moved by drag and drop or by selecting the desired field and using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. Moving the fields in a particular order will generate the ascii output relative to this order. Global checking and unchecking can be performed using the corresponding buttons Check All and Uncheck All. The initial ordering of the Fields List is aphabetical and can be re-applied using Reset Order button. Once selection and ordering are completed the configuration can be saved by checking the Remember Settings checkbox and clicking Ok. This configuration will automatically be loaded when the dialog is launched. 

Several fields will only be enabled if you meet their qualifications; 

  1. X-Points - will only be enabled if you have generated X-Point listings for the current Dynamic Cable/Pipe. 
  2. Depth of Burial - will only be enabled if you have run a Depth of Burial calculation as outlined in the Depth of Burial section. 
  3. Is Buried - will only be enabled if you have run a Depth of Burial calculation as outlined in the Depth of Burial section.
Export Options

Export Options allow configuration of the separator, a custom along-track (step) interval and the KP range you wish to export.  

Export File

This is the file path where the ASCII file will be saved. 

Save/Load Configuration

You can save or load a configuration for this dialog using the associated buttons.

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